Barley: origin and organoleptic properties

21 January 2020by buononaturale

Barley: origin and organoleptic peculiaritiesFull of anti-inflammatory, mineralizing and digestive properties, barley is an essential cereal for our wellness.

From the family of ‘Graminacee’, the plant was already cultivated in the middle east in the VII century b.C. and widely used by Greeks and Romans. After a phase of decline, it begins to be used as a drink and only between 70’s-80’s, it’s back in the kitchen, in salads, soups to reach the most modern orzotto.

Different benefits related to his intake: support to the gastrointestinal system (fibers), cholesterol reduction and heart protection (Vitamin B), prevention of gallstones, anticancer function, strengthening of nail, hair and bones (phosphorus and silicic acid).