Lentils: a “poor” dish, but rich!

28 January 2020by buononaturale

Lentils: a "poor" dish, but rich!Lentils are one the most ancient legumes cultivated and consumed by humans. Originating in Mesopotamia, they spread to the Mediterranean area and were appreciated by Greek and Romans (mentioned by Plinio il Vecchio in his Naturalis Historia) becoming suitable food especially in times of famine.

Symbol of prosperity and opulence since the Renaissance period, they are low in fat and free of cholesterol, however rich in vegetable proteins, B vitamin and mineral salts (iron, phosphorus and potassium), providential for the intestine.

In Italy there are 8 varieties: from lentils of Norcia, passing through lentils of Altamura up to lentils of Ustica. Can be tasted in a thousand ways: as a soup or paired with pasta, stewed, in a salad or even in the “meatballs” variant.