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  • Seafood salad with red rice, ginger, tomato and lemon

      Ingredients for 4 people

      • 150 grams of BuonoNaturale red rice
      • 1 octopus of 500 gr
      • 1 sepia from 300 gr
      • 500 gr mussels
      • 250 of clams
      • 10 razor clams
      • 4 coppery tomatoes
      • 1 bunch of parsley
      • 1 ginger root
      • 1 large lemon



      Cook the BuonoNaturale rice for the duration indicated on the package (40 minutes), drain and set aside.
      Wash and clean cuttlefish and octopus.
      Cook the octopus and cuttlefish in acidulated and salted water.
      Chill and cut into regular pieces, break out the remaining seafood with oil, garlic and parsley. Shelled and joined.
      Wash the tomatoes, remove the seeds and cut into cubes
      Add to the rice and season with extra virgin olive oil and season with salt and freshly ground pepper.
      Peel the lemon and cut the skin into small brunoise. Blanch the peel in water for 5 minutes. Cool and add to the juice obtained from the pulp, add equal amount of ginger juice and double the olive oil, then add salt and add the remaining chopped parsley.
      Serve the rice in a mold in the center of the serving dish and place the seafood around it, then sprinkle with the ginger citronette

      Enjoy your meal