27 July 2022by buononaturale

This summer, buononaturale arrives on American shores. In collaboration with Talia di Napoli, we have launched a kit of three 100% Italian toppings for pizzas and more.

From today, the Talia by buononaturale toppings are available for online purchase all over the United States. Just navigate to Talia’s website and add to your cart either the toppings kit or one or more toppings in combination with a Talia pizza for just $5 a jar.

We are talking about three unique Italian products, natural or from organic farming, preserved in 100% glass jars:

  1. Natural Acacia honey with black summer truffle (click here for the product page);
  2. Organic hot Calabrian chili in oil (click here for the product page);
  3. Organic sundried tomatoes in olive oil (click here for the product page).

What are you waiting for… add the Talia by buononaturale toppings kit to your cart so you can garnish your pizzas or other bases.

Who is Talia di Napoli? Find them in Forbes or on Fox Business. They aim to bring the authentic artisanal Neapolitan pizza to the tables of American families, directly from the ovens of their pizzeria in Campania. Their pizzas are prepared following the ancient Neapolitan recipe, cooked in a wood oven, and then cryogenically frozen in a liquid-nitrogen refrigeration tunnel that “puts them to sleep,” preserving all the properties of the initial product.


28 June 2022by buononaturale

Among this year’s developments, buononaturale arrives in Germany. Our organic products are now available throughout Germany, via the MrGusto online platform, which specializes in exclusive Italian delicatessens and wines.

Access our store on MrGusto at the following link.

With our partnership with MrGusto we, thus, continue to make progress in the online community. In barely six months, we have launched virtual stores on four of Europe’s F&B industry’s favorite online platforms: two BtoB markeplaces that tens of thousands of specialized European and global retailers rely upon for their procurement ( and; another BtoB marketplace for French restaurateurs (Metro France); and, finally, a BtoC platform owned by the massive Carrefour group and aggregating France’s biggest organic food enthusiasts (

Another current event is our landing on the American continent, North and South, through the Hispanic Retail Chamber of Commerce (“HRCOC”). Read our press release here, on Diario Retail, the HRCOC communication arm. The Chamber’s mission is “to be the voice of US Hispanic Retail businesses and represent their interests and priorities to government and in the media…” and “serving members of every size and retail sector (supermarkets, food & beverages distributors…).” Watch our entry interview on the network channels.


22 March 2022by buononaturale

Our ORGANIC Soy mayonnaise received the Gold (“Excellent Taste”) medal at the 2022 Mediterranean Taste Awards held in London, UK, between February and March 2022.

This is our second award in less than six months, since TUTTOFOOD 2021, when buononaturale was selected by Fiera Milano SpA as a finalist of the “Innovation” category at the Better Future Award in Milan, Italy, for its newest line of classic Italian sauce recipes reformulated to be both organic and vegan.

These are promising results demonstrating how a more innovative sustainable decision (as translating into the ingredients list and production method behind our ORGANIC vegan sauce line) can adequately synthesize the two qualities every modern consumer is looking for in their food: good taste and greater sustainability.

Along with our successful participation in a frontline contest for the international Food&Beverage industry, buononaturale has also embarked on other ambitious projects in these early months of 2022. In barely three months, we have launched virtual stores on four of Europe’s F&B industry’s favorite online platforms: two BtoB markeplaces that tens of thousands of specialized European and global retailers rely upon for their procurement ( and; another BtoB marketplace for French restaurateurs (Metro France); and, finally, a BtoC platform owned by the massive Carrefour group and aggregating France’s biggest organic food enthusiasts (

We want to thank all of those who contributed to transforming these first three months of 2022 into a milestone on our journey toward a prevailing wholesome, balanced eating lifestyle. We look forward to seeing you at the next major international trade show of the Food&Beverage industry, Fira de Barcelona’s ALIMENTARIA, which will be held in Barcelona from Monday, April 4 to Thursday, April 7. Come to visit us in Hall P2, Level 0, Street E, at booth #500-15, where we were selected by the Italian Government to exhibit in the Italian Pavilion.

SPOILER ALERT: On April 4, as the first work-Monday of the month but the day on which the ALIMENTARIA trade show begins, we will not broadcast the seventh episode of our latest cooking miniseries, “The Chef’s Corner.” Stay tuned for another breathtaking episode to travel the world with us, fair after fair.


10 April 2020by buononaturale

Our gelati-sorbetti have arrived! There are types for every palate: traditional creamy gelati-sorbetti, organic gelati-sorbetti, and gelati-sorbetti in their natural fruit shell.

Why are our gelati-sorbetti so unique? Thanks to our innovative recipe, they take on a soft and creamy texture once taken out of the freezer; plus, they can be enjoyed almost as soon as taken out of the freezer as if they were cream-flavored gelati.

We only use the best-in-class fresh fruit, and we do our utmost to ensure consistently superior quality.

With summertime lurking just around the corner, the urge to cool off starts taking root. Follow our buononaturale blog to find out where to buy our fantastic gelati-sorbetti.

Go to our “Traditional Gelato-Sorbetto”.


31 March 2020by buononaturale

Tra le indicazioni l’incremento nel consumo di frutta, verdura, cereali e legumi, la riduzione al ricorso di integratori e un occhio alla sostenibilità. Su iniziativa dei 4 Ministeri (Salute, Agricoltura, Ambiente e Istruzione), in collaborazione con un team di esperti (biologici, nutrizionisti e dietologi), è stato presentata, nei giorni scorsi a Roma, la 4a revisione delle linee guida sull’alimentazione (a circa 15 anni dall’ultima). Il documento, predisposto dal Centro di Ricerca Alimenti e Nutrizione del CREA, è supportato da un voluminoso dossier scientifico (


11 December 2019by buononaturale

Indications include an increase in consumption of fruit, vegetables, cereals and legumes, a reduction in the use of supplements and an eye on sustainability. On the initiative of four Ministries (Health, Agriculture, Environment and Education), in collaboration with a team of experts (biologists, nutritionists and dieticians), the 4th revision of the guidelines on nutrition was presented in recent days in Rome (about 15 years from the last). The document, arranged by the Food and Nutrition Research Center of CREA, is supported by a voluminous scientific dossier (


25 June 2019by buononaturale

Hello, my name is Paolo Barrale and I am a chef.

I will introduce a few masterpieces from the latest buononaturale catalog. I am talking about products developed with extreme but simple care, because quality must be good and natural at once and because every day is a good day to reinvent recipes and savor our rich tradition.

Here are my suggestions to enjoy our range of rice, risotti, barley, spelt, and polentas:

Arborio rice

The most well-known of Italian rice varieties. A sumptuously large bean, which excellently lends itself to any “land” risotto. Try it with porcini mushrooms, hazelnuts, “toma” cheese, and raw meat. Piedmont can suddenly feel close… and why not, even the Sicilian arancini can be coupled with this rice… so that North and South become one in a grain!

Carnaroli rice

Sea, vegetables, and cheeses have no secrets for this rice. Never over the top, a noble rice for noble ingredients. Maybe combine it with raw red prawns, almond milk, and white truffle… result: magic!

Black Nerone rice

The forbidden rice from ancient China could only be eaten by the emperor. This rice is not just a side dish; it has a deep personality. Light if served hot with freshly cooked vegetables and spices; or cold in the summer for an unusual rice salad.

Red wild rice

A good compromise for those looking for a product that is always al dente and easy to match. Try it with ginger, tomato, and lemon. It will be an excellent counterpart to raw fish. In any case, this healthy rice will bring the breath of the East to our tables.

We necessitate of a separate chapter for our instant risottos. They taste exceptionally good regardless, are well-calibrated, and provide the right respect for the raw material and Italian risotto tradition. You can enrich them as you wish… but how? I will tell you how.

Risotto with asparagus

Try it with wild fennel, Parmesan, and maybe with a fried egg.

Risotto with porcini mushrooms

Enrich it with goat cheese fondue, blueberries, and a sprinkling of cocoa. You will suddenly, or obviously, feel very creative in the kitchen.

Risotto with nettles

Finish it with seafood, cherry tomatoes, and olive oil. What a wonderful discovery will it be.

Risotto with vegetables

Serve it with a rabbit ragout, black olives, and a sprinkling of freshly chopped rosemary to create a quick risotto alla cacciatora. Now it is time for our spelt and barley selections. Both grains are excellent for fast soups or as rice substitutes. They will easily become indispensable foods once tried and reinvented.

Spelt with pumpkin

Add parmesan, an orange, and roasted coffee powder for an aphrodisiac dish. This is how you make a wonderful dinner and maybe an even more wonderful post-dinner.

Spelt with porcini mushrooms

Cream it with hazelnut oil and serve it with seared prawns and lime.

Barley with tomato and basil

Simple but appealing. Serve it with clams, garlic-covered mussels, and olive oil. Let the sea take over your house. While polenta is somewhat easy to make for most people, let’s try to enrich it and find the best way to serve it to impress our guests.

Polenta with porcini mushrooms

After cooking it, chill, slice, and grill it. Serve it with some ossobuco in gremolada.

Polenta with vegetables

Once cooked, in just five minutes or so, serve it with stewed sea bass fillet for a wholesome meal.


I have given you some guidelines to enjoy these buononaturale instant products. Now, it is up to you to become chef for a day. If and once you do, do not forget to send us photos of your dishes or your own recipes.

Paolo Barrale