21 December 2018by buononaturale

From the collaboration with Paolo Barrale is born this dish that speaks the language of our territory, our traditions and our values.
Here the pilot video of the Eat Like Italians series with recipes for eating like the Italians do.
Our journey begins in the most authentic Italian culinary tradition: 12 months, 12 videos in which Chef Paolo will tell us what are the secrets to eating as per Italian tradition.

We wish you a Merry Christmas with BuonoNaturale!

Little Curiosities:

  • Our pasta has a drying phase at medium temperatures of 30 hours. This allows a uniform evaporation of the water from the just extruded pasta. Thanks to this slow process the pasta will retain the typical smell of durum wheat and will be more digestible..
  • The crusco (crispy) peppers are a particular type of not spicy peppers, Peperone di Senise IGP. It is cultivated around February-March and harvested in August. After harvesting they are laid down for a couple of days on sheets in a well ventilated area and then real necklaces are made (up to 150 cm long) that will be hung on balconies or in warm areas with low humidity.
  • The smoked herring has some provenance from northern Europe. In the south of Italy it enters into tradition thanks to the Norman presence from the eleventh century. Poor fish and great resource of peasant cuisine, it was widespread once in our regions, especially in lands far from the sea where the fresh produce was rare or near the coast, when the bad weather did not allow the fishermen to go out to sea.