The Project
Together Toward a Nouvelle Terre

Throughout the 2000s decade, interest in health and wellness reportedly increased. The notion that health is solely an individual’s responsibility started being challenged in favor of a more comprehensive conception of health as a citizenship right and duty. Indeed, health promotion, intended as the process of enabling people to increase control over their health, consists not only of individual choices dictated by the individual’s awareness but also of external interventions aimed at ensuring conditions essential for good health that do not depend on individual choices. Examples of such interventions are the following:

  • Creation of working and living conditions conducive to stability;
  • Safeguard of natural environments married with the maintainance of artificial spaces;
  • Preservation of the Earth’s resources;
  • Constant monitoring of the effects of human-nature interactions;
  • Programs fostering development in the individual first and in the wholesome community.


Facilitating the production, trasformation and distribution of organic and natural products.

Nutritional Strategies

The benefits derived from an integrated and harmonic approach to nutrition must be recognized in all stages of the human life cycle.

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Lifestyle Factors

Modeling one’s lifestyle is a process that allows individuals to exercise higher control over their own health and to improve it.

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Medium- and Long-Term Objectives

Nouvelle Terre’s main objective for the medium and the long term is to certify the whole supply chain.

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A Brief Summary of Our Story

buononaturale intends to invest its pay-off in various study and formation initiatives, starting from the Campania region, where the company originated. Such initiatives would aim at identifying propulsion models of leading change in a new food market in Italy and worldwide.

A Story Told by People with a Shared Set of Values and Objectives.

Health, as this company intends it, holds a broader meaning than the one it has been traditionally assigned, covering all human dimensions, from the physiological and mental to the emotional and spiritual, and indicating a wholesome state of well-being. Health promotion, thus, becomes well-being promotion, and the latter can only be realized through the implementation of synergetic policies.

In 2015, the national and local goverments conceive the idea of launching a platform to realize this educational strategy. The objective remains that of bringing together associations, consumer groups, and non-governmental organizations operating within the Health sector in order to promote several programs targeting the youth and educating it about the value of ‘taking care.’

The ‘buononaturale’ Project Opening Up New Frontiers

In the midst of a national resurgence of the value of ‘health,’ communities bring to the local level the resposibility of instilling in the young generations the desire for a healthy lifestyle.

Health education becomes more than a sporadic educational program and evolves into a discipline focusing on discovering responsible production and consumption processes, with the end goal of promoting civil coexistence within a community comprising farmers, agriculturists, producers, and distributors. Eating healthy becomes a public duty, because Health is now inteded as a public good and, as such, must be protected.

When signing the protocol of adherence to the ‘buononaturale’ project, every participant is given a preview of the tools and guarantees that they ought to present. These are mechanisms needed to ensure that the supplier produces within the framework of sustainable consumption and generates a virtuous cycle that creates further synergies among the participants.

The Reason for a Tree

This is the context that Nouvelle Terre grows out of, as a distribution business that encapsulates and represents myriads of agribusinesses producing and transforming organic and natural products.

The company thus assumes an aggregational nature and structure, as it strives to preserve the autonomy of the brand and that of the multiple structures that form it.

In a continuous process, Nouvelle Terre looks for collaborations, as well as for consultation with all of the local organizations, state-owned enterprises, and non-governmental organizations that pursue similar objectives. Stimulating interventions aimed at preserving and developing organic production, the company strives to represent the entrepreneurial community in the organic food industry.