Our Truffle Specialties

Known by its rarity and penetrating smell, truffle can be found in Italy in two main forms and in two separate areas of the peninsula. White truffle is produced primarily in Piedmont and Abruzzo, where it is denominated the “grey diamond” due to both its being held in high regard and its being limited to a few favorable Italian soils. The regions of Umbria, Molise, and Campania historically produce black truffle in the summer variety of the scorzone truffle and the more highly valued winter variety. buononaturale will take you on a tour of these scenic landscapes through its selections of black truffle and white truffle.

Take care of your wellbeing from the basics. Healthy eating is made simple by our natural, artisanal local Italian specialties. Such safe and natural goodness not only looks as good as it tastes, but preserves the aromas and flavors of the soil it is harvested from.


In the Renaissance, as a favorite of the most refined princely courts, truffle became the irreplaceable element of haute cuisine. In the 1700s, hydnology became an actual science after taking a more naturalistic approach to the study of truffles. At the turn of the century, the prestigious white truffle of Alba was identified for the first time by Polish naturalist de Borch and classified by the Piedmontese Vittorio Pico as Tuber magnatum (that is, “of the magnates”) in light of its limited availability.

As of 2017, “truffle hunting and extraction” was being classified as world heritage by UNESCO. This nomination was based on the substantial know-how and various practices involved: the use of trained dogs; the techniques required to hunt different truffle varieties; and the preservation and culinary use of truffle.