Eat well, benefit yourself and the Planet.

Buononaturale delivers health and wellbeing to Italian and global families through the products of our land, true “gems” carefully developed by hundreds of organic farmers and transformers. Every day we fulfill the recently arisen demand for a dietary regime that may preserve, or even facilitate, corporeal equilibria. A demand for organic food which, as of the early two-thousands, has been growing in intensity as scientific progress awakened nutritional consciousness along with fear that various foods and dishes may contain unexpected noxious substances.

Our products aim to promote sustainable eating styles that not only prepare an ever-busier global population to perform at its best in the stressful dimensions of everyday life but also respect people, animals, and the planet.

To the need for a safe and sustainable lifestyle buononaturale responds through piecing together stories from the healthy agricultural and zootechnical Italian tradition. We concentrate on the millenary successes of such a tradition in the province of Irpinia or, more generally, in the vast lands flanking the Italian Appennines, among the oldest mountain ranges in Europe. In collaboration with disparate micro-farming firms and the human stories that back them, we work on making sure that each consumer can access our genuine and safe products, either directly or through our distributors, located across the globe.

At each bite, our products take the consumer on a tour of the aesthetically pleasing Appennine farmlands and valleys, of which they capture the rich smells and flavors. We ensure that our products bear the label of ‘high quality’ not only in the light of the artisanal and traditional production processes employed to obtain them, but also because of the high quality ingredients selected. Upon these premises, we formulate production choices that realize the largely diffused desire for a diet that is both healthy and inspired by the lively colors and dense flavors of the wholesome and balanced Italian rural life.