Eat well, eat buononaturale,
To benefit yourself, your family, your planet.

buononaturale addresses our need for a safe and sustainable lifestyle by piecing together stories from Italy’s ancient agricultural and zootechnical traditions, starting from the vast province of Irpinia that flanks the Italian Apennines, among the oldest mountain ranges in Europe. In collaboration with a multitude of micro-to-small-sized farms and the human stories that back them, we work on making sure that as many people as possible have access to our natural local Italian specialties, either directly or through our distributors located across the globe.

At every bite, our products will take you through the most scenic Italian landscapes, from the Apennine farmlands to the rice fields of the Po valley, which they originate from and whose smells and flavors they still retain. We ensure that our products reflect their “high quality” label in light of both the traditional artisanal processes and the best-in-class ingredients employed to obtain them. Our sourcing and production choices are meant to realize the widespread desire for a diet that is healthy, sustainable, and inspired by the lively colors and dense flavors of rural life, and specifically of the wholesome Italian rural life.