Nutritional strategies

The benefits derived from an integrated and harmonic approach to nutrition are evident in every stage of the human life cycle, setting a healthy growth, development, and ageing path.

Scientific evidence proves that people who consume considerable quantities of fruit, vegetables, walnuts, and whole grains exhibit lower tendency towards obesity, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, cancer, and ictus, which all stand out as the leading chronic diseases affecting adults in developed countries and as the main cause of death for 75% of Europeans.

Nutrition experts confirm that an integrated and harmonic nutrition can positively impact the person’s functional and psychological states and his or her ability to carry out even ordinary activities.

In particular, certain natural foods — such as lean proteins, unsaturated fats, and low-fat dairy products — help enhance health and prevent diseases. Good nutrition schemes can serve as true nonpharmacological therapies against the surge of chronic diseases.

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