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  • Barley with tomato and basil and seafood soup

      Ingredients for 4 people

      • 1 package of barley BuonoNaturale
      • 200 grams of mussels
      • 200 grams of clams
      • 100 gr. Razor clams
      • 200 gr of sea snails
      • 2 fresh chillies
      • 100 gtr of tomato purée
      • ½ glass of dry white wine
      • 1 sprig of marjoram,
      • 1 thyme sprig
      • 1meat of parsley
      • bread crumbs



      Quickly break the seafood with white wine as usual. Shell them and filter the liquid.
      Prepare a pan with the garlic, oil and chili pepper, add the finely chopped herbs, heat and turn off with the puree. Reduce by adding the broth of the shellfish. Add the shelled snails and leave to shrink.
      The shelled molluscs are on fire.
      Cook the barley in according to the recipe but without cheese and on plates. Pour the seafood soute all around and deliver them to the guests with raw oil and a few crumbs of toasted bread with herbs.

      Enjoy your meal