10 April 2020by buononaturale

Finally our ice creams have arrived !!!
We have it for all tastes: Sorbet, Bio Sorbet and ice cream in its natural shell.
Do you know why our ice creams are the best? Because thanks to the innovative recipe they are very soft as soon as they are removed from the freezer; ready to be enjoyed in two seconds as if they were cream ice cream.
We only use the best fresh fruit and we do our utmost to ensure consistently superior quality.
With the summer just around the corner, the urge to cool off begins. Follow the blog updates to find out where to buy our fantastic sorbets.

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31 March 2020by buononaturale

Tra le indicazioni l’incremento nel consumo di frutta, verdura, cereali e legumi, la riduzione al ricorso di integratori e un occhio alla sostenibilità.Su iniziativa dei 4 Ministeri (Salute, Agricoltura, Ambiente e Istruzione), in collaborazione con un team di esperti (biologici, nutrizionisti e dietologi), è stato presentata, nei giorni scorsi a Roma, la 4a revisione delle linee guida sull’alimentazione (a circa 15 anni dall’ultima). Il documento, predisposto dal Centro di Ricerca Alimenti e Nutrizione del CREA, è supportato da un voluminoso dossier scientifico (www.crea.gov.it).

11 December 2019by buononaturale

Indications include an increase in consumption of fruit, vegetables, cereals and legumes, a reduction in the use of supplements and an eye on sustainability.On the initiative of four Ministries (Health, Agriculture, Environment and Education), in collaboration with a team of experts (biologists, nutritionists and dieticians), the 4th revision of the guidelines on nutrition was presented in recent days in Rome (about 15 years from the last). The document, arranged by the Food and Nutrition Research Center of CREA, is supported by a voluminous scientific dossier (www.crea.gov.it).